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When your hot tub guests won’t leave

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Not too long ago, we received a letter:

Dear Softub Express,

A few weeks ago, we had some friends over. The evening went great! We had a cookout, enjoyed some hot tub time, and in general just had a lot of fun with our friends. But, as my wife and I were ready to wind things down, our friends seemed to be settling in to stay. The evening grew late - very late - before they finally said goodbye.

We want to continue entertaining and sharing our Softub with friends, but how can we make sure the festivities wrap up at a decent hour?


“Sleepy in Seattle”

Of course, when you have a Softub, it’s not surprising that your guests want to stick around. The comfort, powerful jets and soothing warm water make everyone want to spend as much time as possible inside. But, thankfully, there ARE a few things you can do to help your guests know it’s time to go, without breaking any etiquette rules.

Start cleaning up

Go ahead and start cleaning up the party mess. That’s a pretty clear signal to your guests that it’s time to wrap things up. Put away the food, pick up any wet towels that are laying around - you get the idea. And your guests are likely to as well.

Turn off the tunes

Do you have music playing? Go ahead and turn it off. Instant party killer.

Turn on the lights

If you’ve had any party lights on, shut those off. Then, turn on the harsher patio lights. Beyond holding a sign that says “Please Leave Now” (Which you would never, ever do.), this is the clearest you can be that the party is over.

Good luck, Sleepy in Seattle. And if all else fails, just be honest. If they’re close friends, there’s nothing wrong with telling them you’re tired, and it’s time for the party to end.

Crazy life? Make it a great life with a Softub.

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Some days are just … long.

You sleep through the alarm, or it doesn’t go off at all. By the time you make it out of the house it’s in shambles! Child number one spilled her cereal and child number two couldn’t decide between eggs and toast or a granola bar and yogurt and then decided not to really eat either of them, and for all that’s holy where are the car keys, and someone’s shouting “Where are my shoes?!?”

You spilled your coffee on the commute to the office.

Your presentation crashed during the meeting, which was going just swell anyway since you had a giant coffee stain down the front of your shirt.

You missed lunch because your boss called an “emergency” conference call that really wasn’t an emergency at all, and there was a traffic jam on the way home.

So yeah … long.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just relax for a little while? Spend a few minutes alone, or reconnecting with your spouse and forgetting about the craziness of the day? There’s no better way than in the soothing environment of your very own hot tub.

But if you don’t already have one, installing a hot tub can be a bit of a headache. And heaven knows that’s the last thing you need.

It’s time to meet the Softub - an energy efficient, portable hot tub that’s designed to make your life better, wherever you are.

Softubs are incredibly easy to set-up. Have it delivered today, and you can be relaxing tomorrow. Plus, it’s a one-person job. Just roll your Softub to the desired location - be sure you pick a spot with some privacy, if you have one - lawn, patio or deck. If it has a view, that’s even better! Then unpack the Softub and complete the set-up according to the manufacturer’s directions, including connecting the motor, and adding water and spa chemicals. Then replace the cover and fasten the safety latches. That’s it!

Crazy days are always going to happen. After all, that’s life, right? But having your very own Softub sure does make getting through them a whole lot easier.

Hot tub accessories

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With the holidays approaching, everyone is on the lookout for that perfect gift. If anyone on your shopping list is a hot tub owner, some new accessories for their hot tub would, without a doubt, be a fantastic gift! Hot tubs are calming and relaxing, but the right accessories can make them even better.

Seat Cushions

Seat cushions can turn an already comfortable seat into a seat that you never want to leave. These cushions are also great for shorter people who might like to sit up higher in the hot tub, as well as, people with back or hip pain.  No matter the recipient, seat cushions for the hot tub are sure to be a great gift.

Neck Pillows

You can also purchase pillows designed specifically for hot tubs. Anyone will enjoy kicking back for a rest in their hot tub with a new pillow. This also makes a great gift for someone with ongoing neck pain, taking their hot tub to the next level of comfort.


Other accessories that make great gifts, are hot tub steps or free standing handrails. These are both great for any style of hot tub because they are freestanding, but extremely useful for entering and exiting the hot tub. Hot tub steps are particularly fun gifts because there are many styles to choose from. There are steps with built in storage, great for storing chemicals or other hot tub accessories. There are even steps with built in planters that add an extra element of style to any hot tub.

Side Tables

Side tables that can be purchased to go on the side of any hot tub also make great gifts. Having a place to set a drink, your phone, or your favorite book is something anyone would enjoy.


Looking for something a little more fun? How about wireless water speakers or floating LED lights?  You can even purchase floating game trays to play games like checkers or chess.  Water proof cards can be used with the game trays making any of your favorite card games water-friendly.

The gift options for spa lovers are endless. No matter which of these accessories you choose, any spa owner will be thrilled to open something new for their hot tub!

Everything you need to know about hot tub chemistry

If the thought of keeping hot tub chemicals balanced is keeping you from getting a hot tub, fear not! With this simple guide you won’t have to worry about keeping chemicals balanced. You can put your focus back on the fun and relaxation that comes along with hot tub ownership.

Basically there are 4 things that need to be kept in check to maintain ideal water balance.

  • Alkalinity
  • PH levels
  • Sanitizer levels
  • Presence of organic materials

Those words may have you checking out already, but it really isn’t as bad as you think. In simple terms; the presence of organic materials, like leaves and dirt, cause bad stuff like algae and bacteria to grow. You need a sanitizer to fight the bad stuff. Proper PH levels make the sanitizer work better and the alkalinity makes the PH more or less stable.

Your chemicals will adjust the alkalinity and PH to make your sanitizers work against the organic material. Since you can’t see the levels of PH and alkalinity by simply looking at the water you will need test strips that change color to let you know what the current levels are in your hot tub.

A test strip that tests all levels with one dip like the Insta Test 4 Plus test strip makes testing chemical levels a breeze. Simply dip the test strip in the water and compare the color of your test strip to the package. If any of the levels are off you will want to add chemicals like PH Up, PH Down or Alkalinity Boost to adjust the level.

Because all of these levels are dependent on the others, you will want to adjust the chemicals one at a time, even if several of your levels are off. Begin by adjusting alkalinity (if needed), then PH (if needed), and lastly your sanitizer (if needed). After adding the appropriate chemical, wait several hours or even overnight, then retest the water to see if any further adjustments are needed. Many times correcting one level will bring the others back into an acceptable range. If more adjustments are needed add the correct chemical, wait, and retest.

All you need to remember is test, adjust, wait, test again, repeat if needed. Anyone can do it, even if you are a chemistry drop-out.

Find your zen with hot tub yoga


There’s nothing quite like yoga class for helping you find inner peace. First you pack your gym bag, then you drive to the gym and change in the locker room, and finally you try to nail your poses in a room full of other people who all seem better at it than you.

Hmm. Maybe not so zen-like after all.

But that’s OK. There’s a new trend you might really like, that combines two of your favorite things - yoga, and your hot tub!

Many yoga poses (OK, probably not the downward facing dog) can be easily done in your hot tub. Not only will you get the benefits of yoga - you’ll get the benefits of the warm, soothing water of your hot tub, too.

The natural buoyancy eases the strain on your joints, and the warmth from the water will relax your muscles. Plus, you get to skip the yoga pants, the drive to the gym and the audience - and as soon as your workout is done, you can relax and enjoy a soothing hydrotherapy massage. Can’t do that at the gym!

Sound good? Try these poses to get started:

The Half-Boat

Take a seat, keeping your legs half-bent and lift them so they’re parallel to your hips. Hold the pose, and then slowly lower your legs to the starting position.

The Diver’s Pose

Similar to the half-boat. Extend your feet out, and touch your toes with your fingers. Hold the position, then relax.


Stand with your feet together. Place your right foot on your inner left upper thigh. Place your hands in a prayer position. Hold the pose, then switch sides.

The Breakwater

Stand up straight, and simply twist from side to side.

Experiment with other yoga poses that you’re comfortable with, and that the space in your hot tub will allow. And, as always, talk to your doctor before you begin an exercise program.

Now, say: “Om …”

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Believe it or not, hot tubs can be energy efficient AND economical

We came across this blog on Softub corporates page and thought we would share it with our folks. This article was written in January and William makes some excellent points. Note: we always suggest buying new so you are covered by our incredible 5-year warranty.

Believe it or not, hot tubs can be energy efficient AND economical

By William L. Seavey | Special to The Cambrian |

We’ve covered solar power, electric vehicles and rainwater harvesting so far.

Now most of you probably think of hot tubs as essentially wasteful and hardly “green,” but I’m here to tell you that they don’t have to be.

Years ago, I actually made a hot tub out of a 300-gallon stock watering tank. Cost then: maybe $500. I set it up on concrete blocks and put a three-burner portable propane “stovetop” under it.

It heated up fairly quickly, although draining and cleaning it posed a problem because the drain hose was very narrow.

About five years ago, I started looking into Softubs, which I’d seen demoed at home shows.

The advantage of Softubs is that they are easily portable (can be rolled when the external motor/pump is removed) and they are not heavy at all, because they are mostly made of vinyl and foam.

But the new cost was $3,000 to $4,000 for units between 6 and 8 feet wide, and I couldn’t afford that. So I started looking at Craigslist for a used one and, lo and behold, I saw two available for around $1,000 to $1,300 each and bought them both. (Silly me. I later sold the extra one and got most of my money back.)

Softubs are heavily insulated (the sides are about 4-inches thick). When they get to the desired temperature (104 degrees max), the electric pump motor shuts off (there’s a thermostat).

Electric costs

Now, I’m sure you’re saying, “Well, electricity is expensive,” and it certainly is, but the company advertises that keeping a Softub hot may only cost around $25 a month. I’ve found that to be true, and mine is in the woods! [Note: It is even less!! $15/mo]

I’ve added extra insulation on the bottom of the tub and 1.5-inch foam over the cover, which can be slid off conveniently. I also have a floating plastic “solar” blanket underneath the lid. Overall, these strategies really keep the water toasty.

Recently I went away on a one-week trip, turned the tub off (which was 100 degrees), and a week later the water was still at 78 degrees (and again, it’s outside)!

I think that’s simply amazing, don’t you? [Yes, we do!]

Solar option

If you want to be ultra-efficient, you might consider powering this up with solar. I believe (but have yet to prove) that a couple of fairly large, say 200 watts or so, solar panels and a few deep-cycle batteries might keep it going indefinitely.

Remember, the motor/pump only runs when the water is being heated — and it is water running around the motor that actually heats the tub. That’s similar to a fridge in a sense — the motor only runs when the inside temperature starts to rise above the cooling settings (so there isn’t a continuous draw).

I haven’t had any maintenance issues in all the time I’ve had the tub(s).

So if electricity is not really an issue, and the water is conserved and ultimately recycled, that’s about as green as you can get, right?