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Softub Accessories


In recent years the trend in America has been minimalism and simplicity. Softubs totally embrace that idea of simplicity. Our tubs are not complicated, but they totally get the job done when it comes to relaxation and hydrotherapy.  These accessories can keep things simple while increasing the enjoyment of your Softub. Check them out:

Spa Seats


Although the interior of a softub is comfortable and cloud-like with its freeform seating, some people find that they prefer a seat. We offer two different seating options that can enhance the enjoyment of your Softub. The first is a spa booster seat that is filled with water and adds comfort to your Softub. They are made from chemical resistant vinyl making them a great addition to your tub. The second option is the water brick spa seat. This seat is made from PVC coated vinyl and raises the user in the water.  The seat contains a pouch that can be filled with pebbles to keep the seat weighted down in the bottom of your tub.

Grit Gitter

Grit Gitter Spa Vacuum.jpg

The Grit Gitter spa vacuum is a simple way to take care of unwanted particles in your Softub. The grit gitter removes sand, grit, scale and particles that are on the bottom of your tub. This simple vacuum can also take care of floating debris like grass and bugs. Simply squeeze the Grit Gitter over the unwanted debris and then release. It really is that easy.

Spinning Jet

Spinning Jet.jpg

The simple jets that come standard on your Softub can be easily swapped out for a Spinning Jet that creates a circular massaging water pattern that you are sure to enjoy. The spinning jet is available in a pulse stream with 2 holes or the X stream that has 1 hole. Either model is a great option to give your tub an upgrade.

Cover Stand

A cover stand is also a great accessory for your Softub. The cover stand is a very simple stand that keeps your folding lid safely out of the way. Having a designated place for your lid helps prevent additional wear and tear that can occur. The cover stand simplifies your Softub use.

With accessories like these, you can keep your Softub simple while increasing the level of enjoyment and ease of use. Head on over to our accessories page to check out all of the options that are available to you.