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Essential Accessories

If you recently purchased a Softub, you are undoubtedly falling in love with the ease and convenience of your Softub. If you are a long time Softub owner, you are still loving the ease and convenience that your Softub has brought you over the years. Whether you are brand new to the Softub world or you have been a Softubber for years, you probably aren’t getting the most out of your Softub yet. Adding Softub accessories can take your tub to a new level of enjoyment. We have put together a list of 5 of our favorite accessories that will make your Softub even better.

Leathertex Pillow

Markus 167.jpg

Your Softub is relaxing and comfortable all on its own. Some tub owners have even said that soaking in their hot tub feels like resting on a cloud. But, even the softest cloud can be enhanced by adding a pillow. The Leathertex Pillow gives your neck the perfect cradle. It is available in several colors to match your Softub or you can mix and match to give your tub a unique look. The Leathertex Pillow will take you to a whole new level of comfort.

Aqua Tray Spa Side Table

Enjoying your favorite beverage, a snack, or reading a great book are all perfect ways to enjoy your Softub. The Aqua Tray Spa Side Table puts all of those things and anything else you might need within arms reach. The durable plastic tray sits securely over the edge of your Softub so it is not only convenient but requires very little space.

Cover Rx Cover Lifter

Removing your Softub cover is not as difficult as it can be on other hot tubs, but it can still be awkward for one person to manage the cover on their own. A Cover Rx Cover Lifter is the perfect solution. It can be installed on any side of your Softub and only needs an 18 inch clearance to work. The cover lifter can also be operated from almost any angle so you can be in front, behind, or even inside your Softub and still operate it. Another added benefit of a Cover Rx Cover Lifter is that it holds your cover so you don’t have to find a place to set the cover while you enjoy your soak. It really is a must-have addition to your Softub.

Tub Guard Cover

New Softub pictures from Markus 433.jpg

Proper maintenance of your Softub is essential, not just for the life of your tub, but also for your enjoyment. The Tub Guard cover provides protection from harmful UV rays of the sun, dirt, dust, pollen and bird droppings. Sized to snugly fit each Softub model, the Tub Guard Cover is a great way to keep your Softub looking ‘showroom new’ for years.

Paradise Spa Vac

As a Softub owner you want to spend as much time as possible enjoying your tub, not maintaining it. The Paradise Spa Vac helps you do just that. It is light, portable and has a handy pole to make cleaning your Softub quick and easy. The Paradise Spa Vac requires no pumping, it has no batteries and no water hookup, but it still has plenty of power. It can suck up beach sand, rocks, pebbles, marbles and pretty much any other item that might need to be vacuumed out of your tub. It will make cleaning your Softub quick and easy so you can spend your time relaxing.

From comfort to maintenance, these accessories and many more, are designed to help you get the most out of your Softub and are sure to make your experience even better! Check them out today!

Nurse's orders: Daily Softub Soak

Softub Images 484.jpg

As a nurse, you spend all day caring for other people. You put your heart and soul into caring for your patients. Every thought is consumed with what your patients need, what will make them comfortable and how you can ease their pain. When your shift finally ends and you have 5 seconds to think, you realize that you have your own needs. Your feet are aching from the miles that you walked making your rounds. Your back is killing you from moving all of those patients. And, your stress level is through the roof from being pulled in so many directions.

You need to take care of you!

Before you claim that you don’t have enough time to take care of you, let us tell you why you do.

You can take care of all your aches and pains, lower your stress level and even set yourself up for a better night’s sleep in just 20 minutes a day. When you invest in a Softub that is exactly what you will be doing.

Softub Benefits

The moist heat of a Softub increases circulation to relax sore muscles. The increased circulation also helps relieve any pain that you feel in your joints after a long shift, and what nurse doesn’t end the day with stiff joints? Studies also show that the body temperature changes that occur when soaking in a hot tub for even just 20 minutes, as part of your evening routine, can put your body in an ideal state to fall asleep fast and get a more restful night of sleep. Just imagine starting each day rested and refreshed. Surely you can carve out 20 minutes a day to give yourself all of that special treatment.

Softubs are Easy to Own

Now you’re thinking that you might be able to find 20 minutes for soaking, but you couldn’t possibly find time to do a construction project to install a hot tub or find time to maintain a hot tub. With a Softub, setup literally takes less than an hour. Less than 80 pounds empty, they are easy to move and plug into any dedicated, standard household 110v outlet so no electrician is needed. Your Softub maintenance is very minimal. With just 5 simple steps, some of which only need to be done yearly, you can keep your Softub looking great!  Softubs are very manageable even for the busiest of nurses and the busiest of families.

So as you finish your next shift, think about how soothing it would be to take that Softub soak. If you absolutely knew that a Softub would help one of your patients, would you hesitate to recommend one? We absolutely know that a Softub will benefit you! Please take care of yourself for once and stop by our showroom. Our friendly staff will take care of you from there. See you soon!

Softubs ARE durable

As a Softub dealer, we are constantly dispelling myths about Softubs. Maybe people just think that Softubs are too good to be true, so they come up with reasons that they couldn’t be as good as everyone says. One of the biggest myths is that Softubs are inflatable, which they are not. A second, and the one we will be addressing today, is that Softubs just aren’t durable. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Softubs are incredibly durable. Maybe it is their deceptively simple design that causes all of the confusion, but we are here to put that myth to rest once and for all.


New Softub pictures from Markus 156.jpg

From the outside in, Softubs are made with the technologies that set them apart. We will start with the exterior of a Softub. It is made out of Leathertex. Leathertex offers lifelong durability. It can stand up against any type of weather that Mother Nature throws at it. This makes Softubs great for any kind of extreme temperature. From snow to sun, your Softub will last for years to come. The Leathertex is available in 7 colors, so that durable exterior will look great in any environment.


The interior of Softubs are made from Polybond. Polybond gives the inside of your Softub that super soft comfort that Softub owners love. That softness does not mean that the interior isn’t stable. With a Softub you get the best of both worlds - softness and stable durability. You never have to worry that those soft walls will be compromised.

Other Features

The technological innovations that go into making the wall construction of a Softub incredibly durable, spills over into the other features too. Like the unique heat recovery system that keeps your Softub at an ideal temperature with only a 15 amp outlet. Design engineers at Softub have gone out of their way to ensure that Softubs are simple, comfortable, and durable. That makes them easy to move, easy to use and easy to love.

Now that you know the truth about Softubs, come out to our showroom so you can see the durability for yourself. Once you experience the quality and durability for yourself you will be ready to take the plunge and buy one for yourself.

Get your Softub ready for summer

New Softub pictures from Markus 599.jpg

With the dog days of summer quickly approaching, you might not be thinking about your Softub, but you should be. Your Softub will need just a little bit of loving care as you head into summer. Many of these things are just general routine maintenance, but the changing season is the perfect time to get these things done.

Clean the Pipes

As with all water pipes, mildew and nasty sludge build up in your pipes all year. The heat of summer can increase this build up, so you will want to start your summer Softub preparation by cleaning your pipes. You should clean your Softub pipes using Swirl Away Plumbing Cleaner. Start with the old water that has been in your hot tub. Add the Swirl Away to your pipes, the nasty build up will then be pumped out into your Softub.

Drain your Tub

That brings us to the next step, draining your Softub. There are two main reasons you need to drain your tub. The first and most obvious reason is that you have just pumped sludge into your Softub when you cleaned your pipes. Obviously, you don’t want that floating in your tub. Don’t worry you were going to be draining your tub anyway. Summer heat can make your water a little more unstable. Give your tub a fresh start for the summer by draining your Softub. It might sound like a pain, but it is really quite easy. Simply take an unconnected garden hose and hold one end up to a jet (with the jets on). As soon as water starts pumping out the other end, you can drop the hose into the tub and gravity siphoning will take place. Viola, your Softub is drained.

Clean Everything

After your tub is drained, you will want to give the inside of your tub a good clean out. You will also want to give your filter a thorough cleaning. Your filter is a main line of defense for keeping your hot tub clear, so you will want to make sure that it starts the summer clean. If it has been a year since you’ve had a new filter, you should replace your filter altogether. The beginning of summer is a great time to replace your filter, so if you are just setting up your Softub maintenance routine then we suggest planning to replace every year at the beginning of summer.

Refill your Tub

Now that everything is clean, it is time to refill your tub. Just fill it back up with fresh water for your fresh start.

Add Spa Perfect

Summertime brings with it an added challenge for your Softub. In the summer, you sweat more and you probably add sunscreen to your daily skincare routine. This means that the added sweat and sunscreen are coming off in your Softub. This isn’t a problem if you make sure that you are adding Spa Perfect to your tub. The enzymes in Spa Perfect break down the organic waste that accumulates in your spa water. For the summer your Spa Perfect will be working overtime to keep your water clean, so you will want to be sure to add Spa Perfect to your tub every week.

That’s it! Taking care of your routine maintenance at the beginning of summer and adding Spa Perfect weekly are the only things you need to do to continue enjoying your Softub all summer long. If you are running low on Spa Perfect, stop by the showroom or download the app and pick up a supply that will last you all summer long.


Routine Maintenance


We are always talking about how easy it is to install and own a Softub and it is true! Softubs are easy! Unfortunately, Softubs are not magical and they do require some routine maintenance. We have put together 5 simple things that need to be done to keep your Softub performing at its best. Don’t worry some of these things only need to be done once a year. It really is easy - we promise.

Drain your Softub

Even with the best water care, your Softub needs to be drained every 3 to 4 months. With normal use, your body oils, makeup, sweat and soap residue all collect in your hot tub water. Draining your tub every 3 to 4 months will get rid of all the unwanted things that have collected in your water. Some of the signs that your Softub needs to be drained are:

  • cloudy water
  • excessive foaming
  • smelly water
  • trouble maintaining water balance

We suggest that you not wait for these warning signs and put draining your Softub on your calendar. That way your water will always be clean and ready for a soak.

Maintain your Cartridge Filter

Maintaining your Cartridge Filter is a simple task that will keep your water crystal clear. Your filter should be cleaned once a month. When you clean it you should thoroughly rinse the filter. We also recommend that you use a filter cleaner to dissolve body oils from your filter. Simply rinsing it will not get rid of body oils and will keep your filter from doing its job. You should also totally replace your filter once per year. Even if it appears to be clean you should still replace it once a year, because after a year of use the fibers will start to come apart, and it won’t be able to collect the tiny particles that it needs to.

Use Swirl Away

Once a year you should use Swirl Away to thoroughly clean the plumbing lines of your Softub. Like all plumbing lines, they will begin to develop biofilm and sludge internally. Using Swirl Away will clean all the biofilm out of your lines. You will want to do this on a day that you are planning to drain your tub because, after adding Swil Away all of that biofilm will end up in your tub. Then, simply drain your tub, rinse it, and everything will be good as new.

Use Aerospace 303 Vinyl Protectant

Aerospace 303 Vinyl Protectant is like a sunscreen for your Softub. How often you need to use it depends on how much sun exposure your Softub gets. If your Softub gets a lot of sun exposure you may want to use Aerospace 303 monthly. With less exposure, you could use it just 3 to 4 times a year. The application is simple, spray it on and wipe it off with a paper towel. (Note: You should never use Armor All on your Softub since it will deteriorate the seams.)

Test the Water

Weekly you will test your water and adjust your chemicals as needed. Routine preventative care is key to the long-term health of pretty much anything, and your Softub is no exception. Keeping your water balanced and healthy is extremely important. If you ignore unbalanced water for an extended period of time you can cause permanent damage to your Softub or liner - and that is not covered under your warranty.

By doing these 5 simple things you can be sure that your Softub will last for years to come and the water in your tub will always be clean, clear and ready for you. If you still have questions about maintaining your Softub, give us a call at 1.800.996.8827 or live chat with us on our website. We are here to help!


A Softub photo.jpg

Softub Owner's Testimonials

We could write a hundred articles telling you how great our Softubs are, but we think it means a whole lot more when our customers tell you what they think. Check out these great testimonials from real life Softub owners.


Ron has been a Softub owner for 16 years. He says that he still uses his Softub 5-6 times a week! Ron’s wife was a bit of skeptic, but she couldn’t even tell a difference in their utility bill. Now she’s happy and he’s happy.




Checkout this testimonial from Kelly. She has only owned her Softub for a short while, but she has already nicknamed it “The Goddess.” She loves the comfort of her Softub and says it feels like a giant pillow.




Larry enjoys how easy his Softub was to set up and how easy it is to maintain. Even in the cold Montana winters, he is only paying $6-$8 a month to run his Softub.




Pet Owner

This lady has had her Softub for 20 years. She loves it and her dog loves it too. Her dog suffers from arthritis so he gets to soak about 20 minutes a day to help keep his joints loose.




There you have it. Just a few of our satisfied customers. Whether they are still in the honeymoon phase, or they have had their hot tub for decades, Softub owners are dedicated to their tubs and that says more than we ever could. Come see us at Softub Express and see for yourself why our customers love their Softubs.

Father's Day Softub

New Softub pictures from Markus 950.jpg

He is always working hard, sacrificing his time and money for the good of the family. He’s there to listen and help whenever he can...he’s dad. Even when he drives you crazy, you still love him and deep down you know that you owe him far more than you can ever repay. We have a gift that can come really close...a Softub. Dad deserves the very best, right? We have compiled our top 10 list for why dad deserves a Softub this year.

  • #10 Dad isn’t as young as he used to be. He needs a way to ease all of the aches that come with old age.
  • #9 He lost hours of sleep waiting for you to sneak in late. Now that you are grown, he deserves to get the best sleep possible. Soaking in his Softub each night before bed will have him sleeping like a baby.
  • #8 Dad could never have anything nice while you were living at home. Now he can.
  • #7 You can make up for all the times you were a pain in the neck, by relieving his current neck pain.
  • #6 He is the ultimate cheapskate and Softubs are far cheaper to run and maintain than a traditional hot tub.
  • #5 It’s better for dad to ride out his midlife crisis in a Softub than burning rubber down the highway.
  • #4 He will have something to do with all of his free time other than driving mom crazy.
  • #3 The more relaxed he feels, the more likely he is to babysit the grandkids.
  • #2 You want to keep dad around as long as possible and studies show that relaxing in a hot tub is good for his cardiovascular health.
  • and the #1 reason you should get dad a Softub this year…He might just let you use it!

Now that we have convinced you, stop by our showroom and get dad all set up with a brand new Softub.

Softub App


Have you downloaded the Softub Express App yet? It is a great resource for Softub owners and those who are thinking about investing in a Softub. With over 20 features it is so much more than just a hot tub app.

For Softub Owners

Our app is a great resource for our customers, that makes maintaining your Softub easy. You will find a link for quick warranty registration and a video showing how to set up your Softub. There are steps for adding start up chemicals, quick instructions for routine maintenance, and even a convenient link for ordering chemicals before you run out. Owners can also easily share pictures of themselves enjoying their Softub.

For Future Softub Owner

The app is great for people who are interested in Softubs, but haven’t taken the plunge yet. It highlights special deals and upcoming events. App has a link to our photo gallery and customer testimonials so you can check out all of the ways people are loving their Softubs. There is a link directly to our website, social media pages, and blog to keep you up to date on all the recent Softub news.

app extras.jpg

Extra Features

Finally, you will even find features that aren't specifically Softub related but could be helpful. For example, the app links to local weather reports so you know what the temperature will be like for your daily soak. There is a notepad that would be perfect for keeping track of maintenance records and pool related notes like which chemicals are running low, etc...

There are so many features on the app that you won’t want to miss out on. So, head over to the app store and download the Softub Express App now!

Memorial Day Party Ideas

Memorial Day is the perfect holiday for hosting an outdoor party for your friends and family. This year, you purchased a Softub so you already know that you will be hosting and you have the perfect centerpiece for your party, but what else should you do?


You will want your Memorial Day Party to feel special so put out some decorations. The classic red, white, and blue color scheme is perfect for Memorial Day and is so easy to pull off. This time of year white daisies or red and white carnations are super easy to find and very inexpensive. Pick up a bouquet of flowers, grab a couple of mason jars and some blue ribbon. You can make a few great flower arrangements to set around at your party. To really give it that Memorial Day feel you could grab some small American flags to add to your arrangements. Hang a few red, white, and blue paper lanterns or a banner and you have just transformed your outdoor space into a party.


Yes, we know you already plan to use your Softub as your main source of entertainment and we can assure you that it will be a hit. But, you may want to think about some other entertainment options to set up near your Softub so that everyone can mingle and talk no matter which activity they are participating in. Lawn games like horseshoes, croquet, and ladder ball are all great options. You might also want to strategically set up a few chairs in circles or half circles for your guests to just sit and chat.


No Memorial Day party is complete without great food. We suggest keeping it simple. Fruits, veggies, chips, hamburgers and hot dogs are all great summertime foods that everyone loves. They are also great options for a party where people might be grabbing food throughout the party.


You will want to set the mood or atmosphere for your party right from the start. Music and lighting are two of the best ways to set the mood. Even if your party will be starting during daylight hours you might want to add additional light sources. Tiki torches or hanging strands of lights keep the party going into the night. Throw on some of your favorite music in the background and you have set the mood for the perfect party.

We know you will love hosting a Memorial Day party around your Softub and hey if you don’t have a Softub yet, it’s not too late. There is virtually no prep work when installing a Softub so come pick one up today and be ready in time for your Memorial Day party.



Soak away your motorcycle riding pains

The open road, the wind in your face, the sun on your back, and the roar of a motor in your ears, sounds like your ideal weekend. There is nothing you would rather do than ride around the country on your motorcycle, taking in new sights and exploring the beautiful country. By the time the weekend gets here, you are ready to jump on your bike and leave the stressful week behind.

Unfortunately, a weekend filled with hours on your bike can take a toll on your body. Leg cramps, back pain, stiffness in your neck, soreness in your wrists and knees-these are all common side effects of going on a long ride. While you are on the road you can make frequent stops, drink plenty of water, and push through the discomfort because you are doing what you love, but once the bike is parked and you’re back home the pain really sets in. You won’t stop riding, so what can you do to ease the pain of doing what you love?

Softub Images 241.jpg

Consider getting a Softub from Softub Express. For years, physical therapist and sports medicine gurus have been using moist heat, like that found in a hot tub, to help ease muscle pain and joint stiffness. Soaking in a hot tub increases blood flow and promotes healing, as well as, overall muscle health. They recommend soaking in a hot tub for 15-20 minutes 2-3 times a day to get the most benefit. Following this regimen will relax your sore muscles, relieve your cramps, and soothe your joint pain.

Nobody has time to hit the gym 2-3 times a day and the expense and headache of hot tub ownership is something you don’t want to take on. A Softub is the perfect solution. Softubs offer all of the benefits of a hot tub, but they are significantly cheaper and easier to install and run. A Softub allows you to spend your free time, and money, doing what you love, riding over the hills and hugging the curves, but still offers the pain relieving benefits of a hot tub. Check out all of the great benefits of a Softub and start your new post-ride routine today.

Easy Softub Setup

Another amazing view.jpg

One of the greatest features of a Softub is that they have a plug and play style setup. With 10 simple steps that can easily be completed by one person. You can’t ask for an easier setup. When that truck pulls up and your Softub is rolled off. You are literally just minutes away from having your Softub installed and heating up.

  1. Your Softub will come in a sturdy round box, so you can simply roll your Softub to its install location. It can even be rolled up or downstairs to get it to the place you need it. Just keep in mind that it needs to be installed on a level surface.

  2. With the box still on its side, open the box. Avoid using sharp objects to open the box. It is easiest to open the side and peel it away from the top and bottom so your tub can be rolled out then laid down. When you lay the tub down, position the safety straps underneath the tub.

  3. Connect the air pipes starting at the top. Handle the pipes with care, especially the smallest pipe. After you have aligned the large hoses, push them into each other.

  4. Now you will be ready to connect the light cable and attach the clamps firmly.

  5. Place the foam wrap and cover around the connections.

  6. Remove the cover and attach the filter.

  7. Place your garden hose underneath the filter to secure it in the tub, turn it on and as the pool is filling flatten out the inner liner, taking out all of the wrinkles. Once the tub has about 1 inch of water in it, use your hand to carefully smooth out the liner and remove any wrinkles and air pockets that may have formed. Then continue to fill the pool until it is 2-3 inches below the top liner seam.

  8. Plug the motor cable into the electric socket, but not until the tub is filled with water.

  9. Turn on the motor. The temperature is pre-set to the optimal temperature of 101 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the water is warm to the touch, add chlorine with the motor running and the air valve open.

  10. Close and secure the lid lock and let your Softub continue heating. Your tub should be ready for soaking as early as the next day.

There you have it 10 easy steps to setting up your Softub. Still have questions, check out our easy setup video here.

Softub vs. Hard Tub

Stress-free relaxation, relief from sore tense muscles, better sleep, we all know the benefits of owning a hot tub, but the thought of investing in a hot tub of your own seems daunting. Traditional, acrylic hot tubs are expensive to purchase, expensive to run, and that doesn’t even take into consideration all that goes into installing a traditional hot tub. Fortunately, you don’t have to endure all of the added expense and headache of a traditional hot tub to get all of the benefits. Check out the Softub difference below.

Preparation and Installation

From step one, you will notice the difference between Softubs and traditional hot tubs. Acrylic hot tubs require a concrete pad, which usually involves at least some level of construction. Softubs on the other hand only require a level surface to set up. You can even put them in your basement or sunroom, as long as it’s level, you can instantly set up your Softub.

Softubs also plug right into a traditional, designated 15 amp 110v outlet and come with a ground fault indicator, so you can plug your Softub in and get soaking. Traditional tubs require a 220v 60 amp line, which means an added expense to pay an electrician to come install a new outlet.

Softub at camp.jpg

With your ground prepped and your outlet designated, you are ready for your hot tub to be installed. This process also varies dramatically depending on which kind of tub you choose. Acrylic tubs require a scheduled set up which usually involves several men and depending on the site some installations can even require a crane! Not so with a Softub. As soon as your tub is delivered, one person can set up the Softub alone in a matter of minutes, no crane required!


Hot Tub Use

The differences continue and keep getting better as you move into using your hot tub. So far, a Softub offers less expense and an installation process that is significantly faster. Softubs continue to save you money with every use when compared to traditional tubs. The separate heating element on a traditional hot tub means that the tub must be heated to a minimum of 104 degrees-the cost on average runs $30-$60 a month. Softubs do not have a separate heater-they can be continuously heated to your comfort level from 80-106 degrees. The average cost for heating your Softub only runs about $14 a month.

Softubs also offer flexible seating. Traditional hot tubs with molded seats keep you locked into a certain number of guests and a rigid way of sitting. Softubs have barrier-free interiors that allow you to stretch out and relax any way that you want.

One of the biggest benefits of a Softub is their portability. Traditional hot tubs require reinforced slabs, special outlets and can weigh 400-900 pounds; basically, wherever it is installed it has to stay. A Softub can be moved as often as you want. The heaviest component of a Softub is 80lbs, it can be rolled anywhere you want a hot tub: upstairs, downstairs, outside or down the block. With a Softub your hot tub comes to the party, not the other way around.

If all of these impressive differences don’t have you convinced that a Softub is the best hot tub and you are still undecided, stop by our showroom and let our experienced staff show you all the reasons you will love a Softub.

Military lifestyle rule out a hot tub? Not so fast ...

When you’re in the military, you move around. A lot. And while you become a master at making a home wherever you’re sent to serve your country, there are some things you typically have to do without. Like a hot tub.

Sure, there are inflatable models that you can take from place to place. But as true hot tubs, they leave a lot to be desired.

  • First of all, they aren’t very comfortable.
  • Second, they typically move water with air jets instead of heated water, so as you run the tub the water actually begins to cool.
  • Third, they’re inefficient - the lack of insulation means the heater has to work harder, and you’re going to spend more to keep the water hot and ready.

But Softubs are different. And dare we say, better. While they’re truly portable, they aren’t inflatable. When empty, they’re lightweight yet rigid - just roll it into position, connect the heating unit, fill it up and plug it into a 110v outlet. That’s pretty much it.

Softubs are insulated and highly efficient. Typical operating costs are only about $14 a month. The padded interior is barrier-free so you can find a position that’s comfortable for you. The largest model comes with a therapy seat and two pulsating jets to target areas that are frequently sore, like your lower back. Perfect after a hard day training.

When it’s time to move on, simply disconnect your Softub, empty it, and roll it into the moving truck. Once you’re at your new location, repeat the set-up process and you can be enjoying your Softub by the next day. (In fact, we suggest you make it the first thing you set up at your new house. Soaking in the hot tub is going to feel amazing after all that work moving in.)

Not in the military? Softubs are perfect for anyone who moves frequently or can’t install a traditional hot tub. Renters, corporate-types who are often transferred for work - we’re talking to you. When you want the peace, comfort and relaxation that comes from a hot tub but your lifestyle rules out a hard-sided tub, a Softub is the solution.


Hitting the road? Be sure to pack a Softub!

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.  -- Lewis Carroll

That pretty much sums up the RV life, doesn’t it? Life on the open road, adventure around every bend. New discoveries to be made, and new places to explore. After all that adventuring, wouldn’t it feel great to spend the evening soaking in your hot tub? Too bad you can’t bring it with you.

But wait!

Thanks to Softub, you can! Softubs are portable hot tubs - not inflatable hot tubs. These are quality spas made from dependable, quality components that you can take, well, pretty much anywhere. One person can have it up and running in about an hour - all you need is a 110v outlet and a water source.

Our Softub 140 is perfect for RVers, with four hydrotherapy jets and an LED spa light. This model seats 1-2 people, holds 140 gallons of water and weighs only 50 pounds when empty. When it’s time to move on, simply empty your spa, and roll it inside your RV to carry it to your next stop.

Softubs are unique. Not just because they’re so easy to move around and set up, but because of their design. In fact, they’re more like therapy tubs than fancy hot tubs loaded with extra features. And that’s a good thing.

With a Softub, you get:

  • open seating, so there are no pinch points and no seats that don’t quite fit right
  • fewer, but powerful jets that move the water
  • the ability to fill it with hot OR cold water. Regular hot tubs can’t do that. So, you technically have a portable pool, too!

The next time you’re on the road again, be sure you have a Softub packed with all your other necessities. Whether you’re camping in the forest, parked at the beach, or relaxing in the desert, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and have, just maybe, the best trip of your life.

New Softub pictures from Markus 949.jpg

How to buy a hot tub at a home show

If you’re hot tub shopping and doing your research, you’ll come across a number of articles online urging you not to purchase a hot tub at a home show.

We disagree, so long as you follow some simple guidelines. After all, home shows are fun! It’s a SHOW - enjoy the sights and sounds, the crowds, the refreshments, the entertainment, and with some savvy shopping - a great deal on a hot tub.

Why are we encouraging this, when so many people don’t? It’s simple, really:

  • At a home show, you can often find deep discounts on even the most popular hot tubs.

  • Vendors bring a wide variety of hot tubs so you can easily compare models, features and brands.

  • Vendors staff well for these events, so you won’t have any trouble getting your questions answered.

There IS one important consideration about shopping at home shows that we want you to keep in mind: Shop around. Compare. But when it’s time to buy, buy from a reputable dealer you can trust.

Sometimes traveling, fly-by-night vendors will set up at home shows, too. Look at what they have to offer so you can compare features and prices, but don’t buy from them. Eventually, you will have questions about your new spa. You may need service down the road, or need an issue addressed. These traveling companies are notorious for being difficult to impossible to contact after the sale.

You don’t want that, and we don’t want that for you. At Softub Express, we’re easy to reach, responsive, and 100 percent committed to our customers and their satisfaction.

Oh - there is one other thing. Before you head to the home show, browse the models we offer, and learn a little about why Softub is special. This will help you filter through the wide variety of models on offer at the show and pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for.

So head on down to the show. ENJOY yourself. And then, buy from a dealer you can depend on.

Softub Images 241.jpg

Recharge in a Softub

Restore Yourself.jpg

Do you remember that Dolly Parton song, 9-to-5? It may be from the 80’s, but goodness the lyrics still ring true today. After all, who doesn’t tumble out of bed, stumble to the kitchen, and pour themselves a cup of ambition? Who doesn’t feel like they’re working hard every day, trying to get by?

That’s all to say that life, well, it can be stressful. Kids, work, commitments - it adds up. And in this crazy world, it’s important to make time for yourself. To recharge your batteries.

There’s no better way to do so than in a Softub. Let us show you how ...


The warm water can help lower blood pressure that’s increased due to stress. The hydromassage is also incredibly relaxing, relieving tension in your muscles.

In pain?

Soaking in the soothing warm water can help relieve chronic pain and headaches, and relieve sore muscles.

Can’t sleep?

The hot water raises your body temperature, tripping your body’s natural sleep triggers to help you sleep deeper, for longer.

Have diabetes?

Hot tubs have been shown to reduce blood sugar levels, and the increase in body temperature causes blood vessels to dilate so you get increased circulation and blood flow.


Using your Softub regularly can help decrease inflammation to damaged nerves and muscles, improve joint flexibility, and improve your circulation and blood flow.

Life comes at us fast. Carving out time for yourself - time to do the things that rejuvenate you and bring you joy - is what makes your life a life. Time with your family. Trekking to your favorite vacation spot every year. Weekends at the lake or the beach. Reading a book or watching a movie. And, yes, spending time in your Softub. From the T-140 built for 1-2, to the T-300+ for six, with five hydrotherapy jets and two pulsating jets, any model can soothe your stress and fill that spot in your 9-to-5 life.

Cold weather hot tub use tips

Soaking in your Softub on a cold winter day can be just the thing to warm you up and rejuvenate you after a long cold week. Unfortunately, soaking in a hot tub during the winter months can also seem a bit daunting and might cause some people to avoid their Softub in the extreme cold. Fortunately, you don’t have to miss out, with some extra precautions during the winter months, you can make sure that you are safe while you enjoy your Softub in the cold. There are two main concerns safety concerns when it comes to hot tubbing in the winter.

Dry Hands

The first goes back to that old double dog dare found in the movie The Christmas Story when things can stick to cold metal. When you get out of your hot tub, you will want to make sure that your hands are completely dry before you touch anything metal, including doorknobs, cover lifters, and other metal surfaces. Keeping this safety precaution in mind will definitely save your skin after that winter hot tub soak.

Body Temperature

The second precaution is even more of a concern, keeping your internal body temperature from getting too hot. The extreme cold can sometimes play tricks on your internal temperature alarm. It is never recommended to have your water temperature above 104°F, actually, during the winter it is safer to turn that temperature down to 100°F. Because the temperature outside is so chilly, the water should still feel plenty warm even if it is a few degrees cooler. It is also recommended that you limit your soaks to 15 minutes rather than the usual 20-30 minutes. With your body submerged in warm water and your head and shoulders still exposed to the elements your sense of body temperature can be very skewed. This can easily lead to you becoming overheated without you even realizing it. Limiting your hot tub time and lowering your water temperature will help to ensure that you do not overheat. Wearing a stocking cap while hot tubbing in the winter, may not be a great fashion statement, but it is a great way to regulate your body temperature when it is extremely cold.

Keeping these winter weather tips in mind this season will keep you safe so you can continue to enjoy your Softub even in the extreme cold. If a warm soak on a cold day sounds great, but you haven’t invested in a tub yet, come out to our showroom and let our staff at Softub Express show you why a Softub is just what you need to keep you warm this winter.

Snow (14).jpg

Hydrotherapy For You and Your Kids - At Home!

Raising a child is an art form all its own. Children can have very short attention spans - who can blame them? The bombardment of information they are processing 24/7 in our busy, high tech society can overwhelm even the best behaved and most composed - heck, it overwhelms most adults!

There are great educators, coaches, and therapists out there that people defer to for purposes of schooling, athletic coaching, and various types of therapy for kids with special needs.

Hydrotherapy is renowned for its rejuvenating, restorative, therapeutic effects on physically disabled people old and young. Hydrotherapy is great for anyone of course! Who doesn’t benefit from a good soak in a hot tub? With a Softub, you and your child can enjoy instant relaxation and recovery after sports, therapy, or scholastic rigor. Heat it up, cool it down, enjoy the hydrotherapy massage jets.

Softubs are phenomenal for introducing kids to water and for aiding in any therapy they might need. If your child does have a physical disability, the always accessible home Softub would be a tremendous booster to their therapy, comfort, and happiness. Discretion, common sense, and the consultation of professionals should precede any usage.

Softubs are affordable, easy to operate and maintain, and can fit in the smallest of yards - or even indoors. In fact, they are portable! Move yours inside and outside as you wish, or keep yours outdoors all year long and enjoy that tremendous feeling of dipping into your hot Softub while it’s ice cold outside!

The bottom line:

A Softub will improve anyone’s quality of life -

  • Without the hefty price tag of a “hard” tub

  • Without the site preparation and setup difficulties of a “hard” tub

  • With durability and mobility

We encourage you to visit your nearest Softub showroom and see some Softubs in person. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have - and to schedule your test soak!

In the meantime, click here to learn more about the Softub difference!


Hot tubbin' with Type 2 diabetes?

Recently, it seems that there has been a flood of new research showing all of the amazing health benefits that hot tubs can offer for various diseases, Type 2 diabetes is no exception!

The New England Journal of Medicine recently published their findings on a study of hot tub use for Type 2 diabetics, the results were quite remarkable. In the study, participants soaked in a hot tub for 30 minutes a day, six days a week, for just 3 weeks. They found that on average, participants blood sugar fell by 13% in just 3 weeks!

Basically, they were able to lower their blood sugar by simply soaking for 30 minutes a day. Participants also reported improved sleep patterns. These findings are in addition to the hot tub benefits that we all expect, like less stress and an overall feeling of peacefulness.

So how are these kind of results achieved by something as simple as sitting in a hot tub?

Research is showing that hot tubbing actually has many of the same benefits as exercising. In fact, doctors often recommend hot tubbing for people who are unable to exercise.

Since exercise has been shown to decrease blood sugar, it is not a far stretch to see that the link between soaking in the hot tub and exercising is at least part of what accounts for the decrease in blood sugar found in the study.

As with anything related to your health, check with your doctor before you begin regular hot tub use to help with your Type 2 diabetes.

In spite of all the health benefits, many people feel overwhelmed with the thought of owning their own hot tub. Stop by our showroom and let our staff show you how a Softub can give you all of the health benefits without the complicated maintenance and high utility bills that come with a traditional hot tub.


What to do when your new house comes with an old hot tub

Did you just buy a new home? Congratulations! If your new home came with a hot tub, you’re not only getting a house - you’re getting easy access to fun, stress reduction and health benefits, right in your backyard. But to get the most out of your hot tub, there are a few things you need to be sure to do.

1. Find out exactly what it is. Before the seller walks away, get as much information about the spa as you can. Ideally, you’ll learn the brand and model, and the owner will make sure you have the owner’s manual - or, by knowing the brand and model, you’ll be able to get your hands on one. This is important so you’ll know what filters to buy, how many gallons the spa holds so you can calculate the appropriate amount of chemicals, and more.

2. Change the filters. The previous owner probably didn’t change the filters before listing the home for sale, and most filters only have a lifespan of 2-3 years. Clean, well-functioning filters are key to making sure you have clean, clear spa water. If you aren’t certain what size filters you need - stop. Measure the old ones carefully, and call a local spa dealer for help.

3. Inspect the cover and - if you have one - the cover lifter. A properly fitting and functioning cover is key to keeping your hot tub clean and energy efficient. If your cover is heavy, cracked or broken, it’s time to replace it. A cover lifter should sit straight on the spa, with straight arms and a straight top bar. If any of these components are bent or crooked, not only will it be more difficult to lift your cover, but it might not seal correctly, letting heat escape.

4. Purge your inherited water care products. There’s a fair to good chance the previous owner had a number of chemicals or water care products on-hand that you don’t need, or that could even be harmful to your hot tub. Caring for hot tub water really isn’t hard - it just takes some good guidance from the start.

Our recommendation? Put it all in a box - yep, all of it - and drop by your local spa dealer or give them a call. Let them give you guidance on what you need and what you don’t, based on your spa, the water in your area, and more.  

There is one other thing. Sometimes, “inherited” hot tubs turn out to be duds. If this happens to you, but you find you still really want to enjoy the hot tub lifestyle - entertaining friends, family fun, stress reduction, health benefits - may we suggest a Softub? Convenient, comfortable, easy to set up and energy efficient - it’s the perfect solution.

Mother & Daughter in Softub.JPG