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Softub in Port

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Softub in Port

from 3,795.00

T300+ - $5395

The Softub T300+ is the ultimate in luxury. Accommodating up to six adults, this spa allows you and your friends or family to relax after a hard day and enjoy tranquility in the comfort of your own home.
The T300+ provides a therapy seat along with the comfort of barrier free seating and the rehabilitative benefits of 5 adjustable hydrotherapy jets, plus 2 pulsating jets strategically targeted to reach those commonly sore areas on your lower back. And, don’t worry about the set up. This tub rolls through any standard door and doesn’t need special site preparation or those heavy cranes to get it into your back yard.

T220 - $4695

The Softub T220's cushioned comfort allows you and three additional people to enjoy the hydrotherapy of its five pulsating jets.
A perfect addition to the family, the T220 can fit perfectly into any décor with seven designer colors to choose from.
And don’t let the thought of high-energy bills stop you from purchasing this spa, the Softub spa is the most energy efficient, truly portable, hot tub.

T140 - $3795

Take a soak at your leisure in the Softub T140; with four hydrotherapy jets, the T140 is designed to maximize your enjoyment in a minimum amount of space.
Its five-foot diameter is the ideal spa for balconies, patios, and basements. Space will no longer be an issue when you purchase this spa.
Its four jets are placed to target those troubled spots to allow you to melt away your tensions at the end of a hard day, or start your day off right.
The T140 is your private getaway to unwind from a long day, relax, and reduce stress.

Just hook it up, add water and enjoy!

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